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Why Blake?

We are Blake. Market leaders in the world of envelopes and postal packaging, distributing our brands to over 45 countries worldwide.  

Starting from nothing more than a desk and a phone in our CEO’s attic space in the year 2000, Blake has grown year by year to the point where, today, each year over 2 billion Blake products drop through mailboxes of businesses and households across the globe. 

Blake is different, positively different, and creatively different …. we think differently,

Many view the envelope as a product of the past used for letters and mail, but we view the envelope of the present and the future, as an ‘ecommerce transportation tool’. It provides a solution that is alternative to plastic, and by its very construction and sizing, removes the consumer frustration of ‘overpacking’. This, combined with its ability to go through a mailbox, gives you the most cost effective and secure method of delivering your ecommerce.

Our diversification extends to anything that ‘envelops’ your product… So we now can say with confidence that  ‘ At Blake we own the mailbox’.

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