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Our Story

  • Our Beginnings

    Starting from nothing more than an attic space at home, we have, through hard work, passion and constant innovation, become an established envelope brand recognised and respected the world over.

    Our Beginnings
  • Our Reach

    As a globally respected and established brand championing quality and innovation in envelopes, paper and packaging, we now sell over two billion envelopes per year – enough if they were put end to end, to encircle the earth 11 times.

    Our Reach
  • Our View

    In today’s world, amidst the blur of electronic communication, the envelope rises unchallenged in its value and importance to its recipient. We are focused on challenging the status quo, constantly championing the power of the envelope; often the last thing considered, but first thing seen. 

    Our View
  • Our Passion

    Blake products have reignited the 'pleasure of recieving post' delivering you quality, functionality and flair all enveloped in a history of British heritage.

    Our Passion