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The Story of Blake

A story of entrepreneurialism. The story of Blake all began from the attic of a house. Refined through four generations, today one in eight of the envelopes used in the UK is a Blake envelope. From waste paper, to perfect paper, to folded paper and packaging. We keep expanding.

  • April 1909

    Tom Barter is born

  • March 1950

    Tim Barter (Chairman) is born

  • May 1967

    The story begins with a waste paper recycling business

  • December 1970

    Michael Barter (CEO) is born

  • October 1973

    Clarence Paper starts trading

  • February 1976

    Clarence Paper purchases its first warehouse

  • November 1976

    Clarence Paper wins the Westland paper contract

  • July 1986

    Michael Barter joins Clarence Paper

  • October 1997

    Blake Barter is born

  • July 1999

    Clarence Paper is sold

  • August 2000

    Blake starts trading

  • April 2001

    Blake builds its current warehouse (12,000sq. ft.)

  • September 2002

    Blake extend the warehouse building to 30,000 sq. ft.

  • June 2008

    Blake reaches £100 million cumulative turnover

  • November 2012

    Blake reaches £200 million cumulative turnover

  • May 2013

    Blake moves into new Clarence House HQ

  • December 2014

    Blake reaches £250 million cumulative turnover

  • July 2016

    Blake Barter joins Blake

  • October 2016

    Open first hub of excellence in Edinburgh, shortly followed by further hub openings in Leeds, Manchester and London

  • February 2017

    Blake reaches £300 million cumulative turnover

  • November 2017

    Graham Carlin is appointed as Blake’s MD

  • June 2018

    The fifth Blake hub opens, this one in Leicester

  • July 2018

    Blake USA starts as we open our first international hub in Cleveland, Ohio

  • June 2019

    Blake GmbH starts as we open our first European hub in Düsseldorf, Germany