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CASE STUDY: Monocle Eco-Friendly Packaging


Monocle are a global magazine giving insight into topics of just about every kind, from current affairs and business, to culture and design! They believe that there is a globally minded audience of readers who are hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond their natural borders, and their aim is to provide them with that insight or, as they put it, help them keep an eye and an ear on the world

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Around the time of Monocle’s launch in 2017 they quickly gained over 17,000 subscribers, with more accumulating every day! This meant that they were posting out more than 17,000 magazines to different locations all over the globe every single month.

With such a vast quantity of subscribers, Monocle quickly felt the need to rethink the packaging they were using and to upgrade instead to something that was more eco-friendly and would allow their customers to see that they were doing their best to minimise their carbon footprint.


After clarifying their needs, Monocle’s Design team were quick to recommend contacting Blake for a solution, having already worked with us for various other packaging designs before.

Blake Barter - our Business Development Manager and expert in all things bespoke - was more than happy to meet with them to discuss ideas, and the team were grateful for the way he was “very hands on and involved and went through lots of different samples” to help them to narrow down their ideas. After discovering that their CEO was keen on using a paper solution rather than plastic, he recommended that they opt for our 100% paper construction white padded eco-cushion envelopes from our renowned plastic free VITA™ range.

These proved to be the perfect answer to Monocle’s needs, ticking all the sustainability boxes whilst also offering a gusseted side seam which would expand to provide a snug fit for the magazines inside as well as extra padding to protect them during transit and ensure they arrived with their subscribers in pristine condition! Impressed, the team commented,

“The envelopes are very protective and their gusset is great! They’re sturdy and they look and feel premium.”

The next step was personalising these. Firstly, we arranged for these to be made in a bespoke size so they would provide the perfect fit for their magazines, then we looked into how we could include their logo printed on the bags, which was very important for Monocle. Instead of wanting these to look obvious and showy though, they were keen to keep it simple and understated, only incorporating a small logo on the bottom left side of the envelope face and again in the centre of the flap.

As they print and apply their postage labels themselves before mailing their magazines round to their subscribers, they opted to leave the majority of the envelope blank, allowing space for these to be applied whilst also emphasising the simplistic, eco-friendly nature of the packaging.



Monocle were thrilled with the finished envelopes, stating that they “look great and really premium” and their subscribers too promptly gave their stamp of approval, with many of them commenting on the “lovely new packaging” which was “clearly eco-friendly”.

They appreciated the way we worked with them and commented, 

“Blake really made sure the bag was fit for purpose and met all of our requirements. We had tight timelines and needed large volumes, and they had great flexibility. They are very hardwearing. They get a lot of hands handling them and they are able to withstand all of this which proves they are very robust.”

After catching up with them again recently, we were pleased to hear that they now have over 24,000 subscribers and still "use the envelopes all the time to send out our monthly editions to subscribers!”.


Keep in touch for more success stories!

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