At Blake, being able to donate to charities is a fundamental part of who we are, as such we are committed to giving our support to a wide range of both local and national charities.

Blake Envelopes have donated £500 to Bedelsford School. The school work to provide an innovative and highly personalised education to pupils whom have physical, profound, or complex learning difficulties and disabilities. The aim of the school is to empower pupils to overcome their physical challenges and engage in taking an active role on managing their physical and complex needs; whilst facilitating independence growth, and developing a positive attitude to life.

Bedelsford School’s mission is to ensure that every child reaches their full potential in the key skills of: Communication, Mobility and Physical Development, Thinking Skills, Independence Skills, and Social & Emotional Skills.

Bedelsford School was nominated by Sam Coe, our Key Account Manager in London. She tells us why she nominated Bedelsford School below:

“My Best Friend is a Special Needs Teacher at the school, tirelessly without a second thought for their own wellbeing each member of the Team at Bedelsford made a pact so the school could remain open fulltime throughout both lockdowns this enabled each very special unique child with their own little characters to continue with their daily routines and to help all of their families. Sadly one of the children passed away from Covid during this time, not only did this effect the adults but all the children too, for some it was very hard to understand where their friend had gone. They had a very special service to say ‘Goodbye to their Friend’"