CASE STUDY: Higgs & Crick Foiled Envelopes

Our Personalisation Team are often tasked with creating bespoke, made to order envelope and packaging solutions in all manner of shapes, sizes and specifications…

Here we take a look back at one of our favourites - these stunning foiled envelopes which we created for Higgs & Crick to contain the most unique of contents!


A short while ago, we were approached by premium British company and producers of the finest quality furniture and accessories, Higgs & Crick. Priding themselves on the values that, “Everything we conceive and produce should have the most ambitious aesthetic quality as well as an original and stimulating story behind its conception”, this was embodied more than ever in the release of one of their finest drinks sets.

Their new handmade Kingsman Three-Piece Decanter Set – costing an impressive £2,950 – would encase handmade glassware in a solid walnut and maple box, and would present the embodiment of luxury and taste.

As is so characteristic of them, Higgs & Crick paid great attention to detail with every element of this beautiful set and wanted to create a small bespoke foiled envelope to hold a set of keys to open the padlock on the Kingsman Set box. Only a small detail to the overall product, however by creating this envelope to the highest standard, we knew we could add an extra touch of finesse that could have so easily been overlooked…


At Blake, we pride ourselves on our high level of service and the fine quality of our products. We were therefore very aligned with the clients wish to “exceed expectations and strive to achieve the highest standards in everything we do.”

Our team worked closely with the client to discuss and finalise the details of the envelope, which would need to measure only 90x60mm, fit their small set of keys perfectly, and feature their logo in an elegant gold foiled print. We then followed up with a handmade sample as well as a selection of different paper options, providing them with a range of choices and helping them to define their exact requirements for their bespoke product.

We carefully selected the most premium materials and a sleek fastening method, maintaining regular and open communication throughout the entire process to ensure all their needs were met and we would create the perfect packaging piece within the necessary time frame.

The finished design (pictured below) achieved a luxurious aesthetic which aligned with the company’s values, contributing to the overall quality of the product and helping to delicately elevate their branding.

Definitely a job well done!