Creative Envelopes & Paper

The envelope range of creative innovation and colour. Designed to be noticed and become an integral part in business and personal mailings to really make the difference.

Creative Colour

Where would the world be without colour and where would the world be without envelopes? At some point, the two had to kiss and Blake facilitated this happy engagement. A spectrum of colour, living in harmony together. With 180 products, we have the largest range of coloured envelopes in Europe.

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Creative Shine

We all want to shine in our little area of influence. Never more than with the literature and marketing we produce to promote our businesses. Be dazzled and prepare to immerse yourself in our most astonishing colourful envelopes, the perfect accompaniment for every special occasion.


Creative Senses

Designers the world over help us to get our senses invigorated, excited and enraptured. We felt this unique envelope range has just made their job easier. This range of textured envelopes shouts to be noticed by any and every recipient.

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