Creative Senses

  • Handmade Envelopes

    Handmade Envelopes

    Our handmade envelopes are like your favourite comfort blanket, so tactile you…

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  • Feltmark Envelopes

    Feltmark Envelopes

    Made from an exclusive feltmark paper, in premium 145gsm weight, these textured…

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  • Natural Finish Envelopes

    Natural Finish Envelopes

    These patterned envelopes put you in touch with everyday natural surfaces that…

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  • Velvet Envelopes

    Velvet Envelopes

    "Touch me, touch me" these envelopes shout. We worry that the feel and quality…

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  • Translucent Envelopes

    Translucent Envelopes

    For mailings that need to be noticed, this range of six different tear resistant,…

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