Purely Packaging

  • Gusset Envelopes

    Gusset Envelopes

    A versatile range of eight sizes across thirty-eight products for all bulky postal…

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  • Cello Bags

    Cello Bags

    A versatile range of 30 micron cello bags suitable for a variety of purposes…

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  • Metallic Holographic Bubble Envelopes

    Metallic Holographic Bubble Envelopes

    Dazzling holographic bubble envelopes in a range of sizes...

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  • Neon Gloss Bubble Envelopes

    Neon Gloss Bubble Envelopes

    Make a statement with bold neon gloss bubble envelopes...

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  • Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

    Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

    Constructed from very heavy duty kraft paper these bags provide an excellent…

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  • Board Back Envelopes

    Board Back Envelopes

    Heavy duty board back envelopes in white and manilla, made using 1000 micron…

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  • Optima Card Envelopes

    Optima Card Envelopes

    A range of 210gsm/280 micron card envelopes in a pristine bright white shade.…

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  • Envoboard Allboard Envelopes

    Envoboard Allboard Envelopes

    Making the unpostable... postable. Allboard envelopes available in sizes C5…

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  • Envolite White Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Envolite White Padded Bubble Envelopes

    A comprehensive range of lightweight padded bubble envelopes. The wide range…

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  • Envolite Coloured Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Envolite Coloured Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Lightweight padded envelopes with a difference! The inclusion of this coloured…

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  • Envolite Gold Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Envolite Gold Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Lightweight bubble envelopes made using the traditional gold kraft.. Designed…

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  •  EcoCushion White Padded Gusset Envelopes

    EcoCushion White Padded Gusset Envelopes

    The most environmentally friendly padded envelope on the market and the only…

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  • Metallic Gloss Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Metallic Gloss Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Putting the WOW factor back into padded envelopes! An eye catching array of snazzy…

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  • Metallic Matt Padded Bubble Envelopes

    Metallic Matt Padded Bubble Envelopes

    The snazzy matt metallic finish provides the ultimate design opportunities in…

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  • Metallic Foil Envelopes

    Metallic Foil Envelopes

    Robust but exciting - with our snazzy metallic foil envelopes these two words…

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  • Polypost Polythene Envelopes

    Polypost Polythene Envelopes

    Polythene envelopes made from strong polythene (LDPE) in white and clear. It's…

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  • Polypost Security Envelopes

    Polypost Security Envelopes

    A unique range of Tamper Evident envelopes with many special security features.…

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  • Black Postal Tubes

    Black Postal Tubes

    Distinctive gloss black postal tubes made from rigid spiral wound cardboard construction, with…

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  • Black Book Wraps

    Black Book Wraps

    Constructed from rigid corrugated B-flute cardboard in an alluring black finish.…

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  • Purely Corrugated Envelopes

    Purely Corrugated Envelopes

    Made from rigid, corrugated cardboard providing extra strength and security during…

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  • Purely Postal Wraps

    Purely Postal Wraps

    Constructed from corrugated cardboard, Purely Packaging postal wraps provide…

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  • Purely One-Touch Postal Boxes

    Purely One-Touch Postal Boxes

    Without question, the easiest to assemble postal boxes available! User friendly…

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  • Purely Slim-Line Boxes

    Purely Slim-Line Boxes

    Providing a simple solution for sending all manner of items. The compact design…

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  • Purely Super-Secure Postal Boxes

    Purely Super-Secure Postal Boxes

    The epitome of maximum postal protection. Polylock anti-slip polythene insert…

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  • UPP Book Wraps

    UPP Book Wraps

    Send bulky, oversized items safely and securely with the UPP® range of manilla…

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  • Documents Enclosed

    Documents Enclosed

    Keep transit documents clean and dry with the Purely Packaging range of Documents…

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  • Cash Transit Bags

    Cash Transit Bags

    A unique range of cash transit bags with many special security features. With…

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  • Retail Packs

    Retail Packs

    A selection of our most popular Purely Packaging products in retail packs.

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