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Image of different envelope styles


Envelopes are made in sizes to suit the size of content they enclose, and these are generally worked around the ‘A’ sizes of paper, i.e. A5, A4, A3 etc.

To measure the size of an envelope, the side where the flap is on is always given as the last dimension e.g. 110 x 220mm indicates a wallet or a banker, and 220 x 110mm indicates a pocket.

A combination of the traditional Imperial and the European metric sizes has resulted in a wide range of envelope sizes. In addition to the stock sizes available there is almost an infinite range of envelope sizes that can be custom made. In reality, the highest demand is for a basic range of envelope sizes, which are:


Diagram of C6 envelope

C6 Envelopes

114x162mm - Takes A4 paper folded in half twice

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Diagram of DL envelope

DL Envelopes

110x220mm - Takes A4 paper folded in three, width ways

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Diagram of DL+ envelope

DL+ Envelopes

114x229mm or 114x235mm

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Diagram of C5 envelope

C5 Envelopes

162x229mm - Takes A4 paper folded in half

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Diagram of C5 envelope

C5+ Envelopes

162x235mm Oversize - ideal for envelope inserters

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Diagram of C4 envelope

C4 Envelopes

229x324mm - Takes A4 paper unfolded

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Envelope Styles

Wallet or Banker Envelopes?

The flap is always on the long edge of the envelope and this defines the envelope as a wallet or a banker

Mailing Wallet

A wallet envelope normally has a trapezium shaped flap to suit automatic mailing machines, however, they can sometimes be straight or slightly curved. See our Purely Everyday range for our extensive variety of white and manilla mailing wallets.

Adjustment of machine fingers in the automated opening action of the envelope The envelope design used in automatic inserting machines is particularly important. It must be remembered that different makes of mailing machines operate in different ways so the specification of the envelope may vary.

Pocket Envelopes

The flap is always on the short edge of the envelope, which defines the envelope as a pocket.

Gusset Envelopes

A gusset is usually a pocket envelope with expandable sides to increase the capacity of the envelope. They can have either a block bottom or a V bottom. See our Purely Packaging range for a broad variety of gusset envelopes.

Banker Invitation Envelopes

A banker envelope has a diamond shape flap and traditionally for use in the greeting card industry. We refer to these as Greeting Card or Invitation Envelopes. See our Purely Everyday range of invitation and greeting card envelopes.

Diagram envelope styles