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Creative Senses

Invitation Gummed Translucent White 90GM BX1000 62x98

Invitation Gummed Translucent White 90GM BX1000 62x98

For mailings that need to be noticed, this range of six different tear resistant, translucent envelopes are designed to do just that. They will captivate your attention giving an air of individuality to any mailing.

    • Product Reference: ENV2105
    • Size: (70×105mm)
    • Product Type: BankerInvitation
    • Box Quantity: 1000
    • Sealing Type: Gummed
    • Weight per box: 0.00kg
    • Colour: Translucent White
    • Pallet Quantity: 180.000
    • Weight: 90 gsm
    • Page in Catalogue: 1

    • Awards
    • Corporate event invitations
    • Innovative marketing
    • Invitations
    • Vouchers
    • Wedding stationery

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