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5 of the Most Unusual Envelopes that Challenge the Status Quo

X ray envelopes

When you think envelopes, we’re pretty sure your first thought was somewhere along the lines of…  ‘A white, fairly thin piece of stationery, made from paper, probably a 1/3 of A4 paper (that’s a DL by the way)’. Maybe it even has a window?

But, did you know there’s much more to the stereotypical view of the ‘humble envelope’ than initially meets the eye?

Take a look through some of our past content posts (hint, hint) and you’ll see that here at Blake we’re big advocates of all things colour; regularly encouraging you to use bold shades, eye-catching patterns and enticing textures to give your Direct Mail added pizazz. 

But, believe it or not, there’s actually even more options out there than just adapting the colours you select.

You see, envelopes and packaging really do come in all shapes and sizes, with their intended uses being just as far reaching.

For example, some of the strangest packages sent last year include: a Sunday roast, a baby's tooth (30 years on), a fully decorated Christmas tree and a life size suit of armour.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a roundup of some of our more unusual envelopes – opening your eyes to the endless ‘mail carriers’ out there.

String and Washer Envelopes

One of the more classic style of envelope fastenings. The vintage look, String and Washer envelopes are resistant and durable, the perfect solution for mailings that needs to be re-sent repeatedly. With their retro detail, and nod to posting days gone by, they add a real element of theatre and excitement to any mailing.

X-Ray Wallets

X Ray wallets

Whilst no one likes hospitals there are occasions where a visit for a x-ray is inevitable – and we have the perfect solution. Our x-ray envelopes are strong, durable and the exact size for safe transportation and storage of x-ray films.

Quick Pay Deposit Bags

Yes even polythene security bags come under the umbrella of envelopes. One of the most commonly used are Quick Pay Deposit Bags, regularly used by shop, restaurant and small business owners alike to deposit sums of cash at their local bank.

Blake’s Quick Pay Deposit Bags are designed to be resilient, constructed from reinforced polythene to create burst resistant strength. Compatible with all quick pay deposit machines, they ensure that the only thing left to think about is actually depositing the cash.

Internal Mail Envelopes

Internal Mail envelopes

Amongst all those in this feature, these are the envelopes, if any, that you’re probably most familiar with. Internal mail envelopes or internal mail wallets, are regularly used in offices all across the country. Intended to send a range of office based correspondence and documents across the workplace; or, perhaps more frequently used for the barrage of greetings cards that are passed around internal teams.

Internal mailing envelopes are not only easy to write on, but also have effective, adhesive, reusable flaps – ensuring internal mail is delivered securely across the office.

Translucent Envelopes

Believe it or not, not all envelopes and mailing wallets have to be opaque. These Translucent Envelopes add a unique edge to any mailing, creating a touch of intrigue, increasing the excitement and urgency to truly find out what’s inside.