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All About Packaging

Last year we Britons sent a whopping 2.8 billion packages, accredited to the significant and continued growth of eCommerce.

And, according to the recent Mintel’s ‘Courier and Express Delivery Report’ this ‘parcel frenzied’ trend is only going to continue with the delivery market set to reach £13.2 Billion by 2020.

As explained by, Marco Amasanti, business-to-business analyst at Mintel, said: “The crux of the recent surge in courier and express delivery services surrounds the ongoing digitalisation of all consumer behaviour, in which ecommerce is the apex”.

Clearly we love sending, and of course receiving, parcels – the excitement and intrigue, the wonder of what’s inside. Yet, do you spare as much thought for what the parcel (the first thing the recipient sees) looks like before it's torn open?

Well as with the envelope, a carefully considered, eye-catching, colourful or custom-made packaging solution has the power to create maximum impact for any large mailing. 

And these days, the options really are endless. As mentioned, the rapid growth of online shopping, mailing subscription services across varying industries and of course consumer mailings has put greater pressure on manufacturers, like ourselves to create tailored made packaging solutions that are increasingly niche.

Here’s a little round up of a few of our favourites and some recommended uses.



The epitome of maximum postal protection. Polylock anti-slip polythene insert holds items in place and eliminates the need for extra packaging material. Peel & seal sealing and tamper evident rip strip opening ensure items arrive safely. Added impact resistance, security and rigidity means fragile, valuable items remain protected



These small postal boxes are ideal for small gifts, jewellery and cosmetics. They have been specially designed with dimensions that conform to Royal Mail's large letter category

One touch boxes

One touch boxes

Without question, the easiest to assemble postal boxes available! User friendly auto-lock base sits effortlessly into position providing a strong, rigid postal box. Available in 11 sizes with peel & seal strip for secure sealing and rip strip, tamper evident opening. No mess, no fuss, no extra packing tape needed. Send parcels quickly and efficiently in one simple step.

Bubble Envelopes

Bubble bags

From matt metallic tones, to neon glosses, right through to holographic shades, our bubble envelopes ensure your mailing will get an instant reaction. Available in a range of sizes, extra padded envelopes make the perfect holder for mailings of anything from CD’s, to catalogues right through to photo frames.

So as you can see: from bubble bags, right through to one touch boxes – there now really is a packaging solution for every mailing conundrum. Now all you need to decide is which one you’d rather pick, tricky we know.

Handy tips to consider when sending a parcel

  • Ensure that the packaging you select can securely hold the contents weight
  • There needs to be adequate space so that the item you’re sending doesn’t touch the sides of the packaging
  • If in doubt it’s always best to label what’s inside, this is particularly important for international mailings – but it will help to ensure your mailing arrives as intended, in one piece.
  • Posting something fragile? Make sure there’s some extra padding to cushion the contents
  • Also, don’t forget to add a return address, particularly for those treasured items. Always best to be prepared after all.
Both, the Royal Mail and DHL have very insightful online guides to give you the low down on how best to send your items:

For an in depth overview visit DHL 

The Royal Mail offer handy hints and tips relating to the postage associated with different sized packaging 

And finally check out their useful comparison guide for average parcel weights