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Are you feeling unsociable?


Humour us for just a second…

So, in the last week, try and rack your brains  – yes we know it’s hard but go on, just try. Outside of work how many fact-to-face conversations did you actually have?  How many friends or family members did you visit? Or, how many people did you speak to over the phone, even for just a few seconds? Now, compare that to undoubtedly a far greater plethora of digital messages you’ve sent out across the varying, ever growing, boundary diminishing social channels that the majority of us are incredibly active on.

Yes, slightly ludicrous right?

Now, don’t get us wrong the rise in social channels, applications and just general growth in the way we can communicate digitally has been incredibly beneficial. Its ability to transport instant conversations worldwide, encourage new relationships to form and wider interactions across cultures, communities and cities is undeniable. But, is its immediacy, the very feature it is so heavily focused on, actually making us less social?

Is the rise in social media making us anti-social?

Yes, we are fully aware that the last comment seems somewhat contradictory, counter-intuitive even. However, research has suggested that the rise in this always-on, constant social interaction is actually having the opposite effect, often making people feel more isolated.

A recent study from the team behind one of the latest social apps, trying to reinstate ‘traditional social’ interactions, cleverly named;LooseEnds, somewhat depressingly uncovered that over 22 percent of the people surveyed admitted to seeing friends less since spending a greater amount of time on their chosen social channels.

Social Media is all about being instant; in its aim, focus and result.

The curation of social messages, on the most part requires limited consideration. They are perfect for those quick responses, that instant comeback, but they are not intended to create that lasting impression are they?

And OK. Yes, Snapchat is great, and yes, we all know how ridiculously popular Insta- stories are. But they’re missing something, right? That ability to generate a real, long-term emotional response, the enduring, meaningful, poignant memory. Something tangible, even if it’s just a letter, that you’ve spent real time (at least more than 8 seconds) thinking about writing or even, dare we say, deliberating which envelope you should send it in, will never cease to make an impact.

The world today is Omni-present, in every stretch of the word. Digital communications and the subsequent growth of Social Media have allowed conversations to transcend unlimited boundaries.

Yet maybe, in a world where things never stop, perhaps it’s time to sit back, put pen to paper and be social in a slightly more traditional way, why not send a letter in our smooth textured Velvet Touch envelopes, – even if the recipient does have to wait a whole 24 hours (at least) to receive it?