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Blake: A Truly Sustainable Business

Blake: A Truly Sustainable Business

Here at Blake, we pride ourselves on being a truly sustainable business.

With our mission to be “positively passionate, consistently caring and sustainably sound from beginning to end”, we are constantly striving to stay environmentally aware and aim for absolute sustainability in everything we do!

We believe that sustainability isn’t just about meeting current needs, however, but more importantly, it is about ensuring we are here for the long term and are paving the way for a bright tomorrow…

Our Carbon Footprint

Always seeking to lower our carbon footprint, discover what we are doing to minimise pollution levels, lessen our impact on landfill and how our offices have been expertly designed to reduce impact on the environment…

Pollution has never been acceptable to us, so we monitor all aspects of our operation closely to make sure we are preventing this wherever possible. One example of this would be with our transport and distribution, where we maximise space utilisation on all of our vehicles to keep the requirement for extra delivery vehicles low. During 2020, we will also be ensuring that all our new company cars are either hybrid or electric powered.

We endeavour to lessen our impact on landfills by having a strict recycling scheme, promoting the recovery of valuable resources. We use a local recycling company to bale and recycle all of our plastic and cardboard waste, which has allowed us to recycle a total of 83 tonnes in the last year alone!

Our head offices in Yeovil have been designed and built to exacting performance standards and boast many special features which play a vital part to ensure we are running in the most environmentally friendly way possible. These include an additional 50% thermal insulation, fully automatic cooling systems, automated LED and fluorescent lighting and electric forklifts in our warehouses, to name but a few.

The Evolve Team

As a company, we have appointed a dedicated sustainability team to include members across every operational area of the company who are responsible for planning and managing our sustainability strategy. Continually challenging us to keep raising the bar on all social and environmental issues, some of their achievements are listed below:

•              Reducing the company car fleet by 33% and promoting cycling where possible

•              Switching from the standard plastic tape to paper packing tape on all our boxes

•              Removing the shrink wrap on our envelope retail packs to eliminate any plastic usage

•              Installing new motion sensitive LED warehouse lights, reducing our energy consumption by 32%

Our new Sustainability brochure is coming soon – be sure to order your copy to discover more!