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Bringing ‘Bright Ideas’ to life

Print in its multitude of forms continues to see a significant resurgence.

With the prominence of digital seemingly being set to stay, consumers are ever increasingly seeking something more traditional and tactile to contrast with the bombardment of online communications.

Here at Blake we are passionate about the power of print. Print has the ability to transform a traditional plain white or coloured envelope, or even packaging solution, into a fully branded, unique piece of attention grabbing collateral.

Letterpress Printing 

Ahead of the development of Litho Printing back at the turn of the century, Letterpress was the technique utilised to print almost all text. Letterpress was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid-1400s, and involves a raised reverse surface that is generally made from a movable metal type plate. The plate is then covered in ink and pressed onto a sheet of paper to then produce a positive image.

 Letterpress printing blocks Alan Kitching


Creative Branding

For the new Blake Creative branding we worked with esteemed Letterpress artist Alan Kitching to create three unique, eye-catching designs to illustrate the three different Creative Sub ranges. Letterpress as a style of lettering has bold graphic impact whilst also showcasing real delicate detail in the textures created by the application of the ink, all of which perfectly depicts the different attributes of the Creative ranges.

Alan Kitching print making

The power of Print

As part of the Blake Personalisation Service we offer a range of print techniques that can be utilised to add unique, stand-out detail to wide range of mailing solutions. Our print services cover both Flexo and Digital Print, fulfilling orders from a small as 50 to 5 million.

To learn more about how we can help you bring your product or brand to life through Overprint please contact the Blake team or visit the Personalisation section of our website for more information.