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Bubble Bags: What are they perfect for?

A unique array of eye-catching, attention-grabbing laminated padded bubble envelopes in a distinctive reflective metallic gloss or matt finish, from show-stopping holographics to funky neons...

Here we explore our top 5 things our Bubble Bags are perfect for:

1. Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail campaigns

Got a direct mail campaign planned? Take it to the next level with our Padded Bubble bags. Eye-catching and memorable, these will turn heads and steal the show, ensuring those first impressions last!

2. Online Fulfilment

Online Fulfilment

If you are selling online, you will know the necessity of having top-quality packaging that can be relied on to perform and withstand even the toughest handling. Never fear, with their protective padding and waterproof surface, these are the ideal choice, offering absolute protection for all contents during transit, and a safe delivery for each and every parcel.

3. Gifts and Presents

Gifts and Presents

If anything does, gifts and presents merit something extra special. Impress your loved ones with packaging that looks just as good as its contents, because we all know it’s not just what’s inside that counts! Our bubble bags do the job perfectly, whilst saving you time on packing and eliminating the need for wrapping paper.

4. Protective Mailings

Protective Mailings

What would we do without the power of colour? With its ability to affect mood, behaviour, buying habits and emotions, why not give these a go to discover the positive effects of using colour in packaging solutions?

Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and finishes, these can be used to contain a whole host of items, from jewellery, books and brochures, right through to items such as CDs, DVDs, and clothing: you name it, these do it! With protective padding and a waterproof surface, they will keep all items safe and sound so they are delivered in pristine condition every time.

5. Coordinated Mailings

Coordinated Mailings

With a range of colours coordinating with our popular Creative Colour products, select complimentary matching envelopes and packaging materials to add a thread of consistency through all your mailings!

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