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CALENDAR: April 2019

CALENDAR: April 2019

Discover a whole variety of suprises within our Blake 2019 calendars! With every month hiding a letter from a famous person, we bet you just can't wait to see what this month holds! 

Well, go ahead then, and see what you'll find this time...

April calendar on stand

A letter from the NASA to a 'Miss Kelly', the first woman ever to attempt to go to space!

Sadly 'Miss Kelly' was not granted permission, and the first woman in space was Sally Ride, a whole 21 years later!

Noticing the fabulous design...? Take a look below, where we share the secret of just exactly how these were made:

  1. The envelope is litho printed four colour process onto 170gsm UPM Fine via Heidelberg press
  2. The insert is digitally printed four colour process onto 350gsm UPM Fine on our Ricoh 7110
  3. Print finishing including embossing and UV varnish to the stamp, and silver foiling to 7 stars on the envelope is completed
  4. The flat sheets are die cut to size before being converted to the finished envelope!

calendar detail

Intrigued? Keep in touch to find out what techniques went into the May edition!