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CALENDAR: August 2019

August has arrived and we can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by!

Join us as we uncover what’s been hidden in the seventh envelope from our 2019 calendars.

With each month revealing yet another famous letter, we wonder what’s lying in store for us this time…

August  calendar

And it’s a letter from Alexander Graham Bell, written to Her Majesty Queen Victoria!

“I feel highly honoured by the gratification expressed by Her Majesty, and by her desire to possess a set of Telephones.”

Inventor, scientist, and engineer, Alexander Graham Bell invented and patented the first practical telephone in 1876 and, in 1878, gave an interactive demo of the workings of the telephone to Queen Victoria.

Notice the beautiful design? Find out how we created the envelope and letter below:

  1. Envelope litho printed four colour process onto 170gsm UPM Fine via Heidelberg press
  2. Insert digitally printed four colour process onto 350gsm UPM Fine via Ricoh 7110
  3. Print finishing including embossing to stamp, UV varnish of bell on stamp and telephone and laser cutting of the holes on the telephone microphone
  4. Die cut and make up of envelope from flat sheet

To see more like this, stay in touch for Septembers reveal!