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CALENDAR: May 2019

Uncover another stunning design from our 2019 calendar this month, just the fifth of twleve wonderful surprises that lay in store for you!

With each month bringing another letter from a famous person, we bet you're wondering what we designed for you this month...

A letter written from Charles Dickens to his clockmaker!

Rather amusing, right? Not the average letter to write to a clockmaker, and we trust the clock was relieved from it's 'internal agonies' and restored to its former glory!

Liking the design? Take a look below to find out, step-by-step, how these were made:

  1. The envelope is litho printed four colour process onto 170gsm UPM Fine via Heidelberg Press
  2. The insert is digitally printed four colour process onto 350gsm UPM Fine via our Ricoh 7110
  3. The print finishing is applied, including embossing to the stamp and the laser cutting of the clock hands to the envelope
  4. The design is die cut 
  5. The envelope is made up from a flat sheet
  6. Et voila! The design is complete!

We'd love to share our other designs too, so keep in touch to find out all about how we created the June calendar letter!