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Case Study: Java Republic

Java Republic

Case study: Java Republic

Let’s paint the scene. Your marketing team have planned a fantastic marketing campaign across multiple channels, and, crucially, involving a unique direct mail piece. A lot of time, money and creativity has been put into developing the messaging, an eye-catching design and overall, an impactful piece of collateral.

But, wait! What about the envelope that will be carrying this exciting mailer to the recipient’s door?

As part of our case study series of blogs, this month we are focusing on a bespoke envelope creation, designed specifically to ensure that the direct mail campaign delivered maximum impact, before it was even opened.

Java Republic

Java Republic are an Irish-owned, independent, rapidly growing coffee and tea manufacturer based in Ireland. Back in 1999 the ‘Java Republic’ rebellion was declared against the state of coffee in Ireland. Since launching, Java Republic have been successfully challenging the status quo, aiming to bring exceptional products to the market which fight against the traditional unethically sourced beans, low-quality roasting and inferior blends the market was accustomed to. Visit the Java Republic website to learn more about the rebellion. 

The challenge

Debra from Java Republic approached our Personalisation Team to produce a high quality, eye-catching, bespoke envelope solution for the mailing of their brand journal which was being sent to customers as part of their new brand launch.

Java Republic bespoke envelope

Experimenting with a number of options our team produced 600 bespoke, oversized bright purple envelopes that elevated the new branding and were designed to create an instant reaction from the recipient; aiming to evoke excitement and intrigue as soon as it came through the recipient’s letter box.

The envelopes were required fairly urgently so our team worked tireless to turn around the project in just 9 days, including; production time and delivery to the client. In spite of the urgency, quality remained of paramount importance with outstanding, peel and seal, oversized envelopes being produced from 150 gsm paper.

The Java team commented:
“Thanks so much! I must get Keith to take a few photos of the envelopes with their contents, they look amazing!”
Debra Crawley

To learn more about our Personalisation Service take a look hereCan’t see what you are looking for? Our Personalisation Team will be able to help you create bespoke packaging and envelopes for whatever vision you have.