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Colours to really make your mailings pop

 colour stack 

Colours that go.

Colour plays such a fundamental role in how we feel and ultimately react; making it one of the most powerful components (often overlooked however) to any Direct Mail or print based communication.
But, why does the colour of the envelope really matter? Well, colour is a form of Non-verbal communication. With research regularly proving that colour can support memory, encourage greater engagement and ultimately strengthen brand recognition.

Different colours are well renowned for evoking specific emotions. Split into two categories, ‘Natural Associations’ are universally recognised and therefore more simple e.g. Green for plants, Yellow for the Sun, Blue for the Sea.

However, the second type, Psychological or Cultural associations are slightly more complex as these can be based on emotions and cultural influences such as holidays and celebrations. The colour Red is a prime example, recognised for Anger as well as Love alongside holidays such as Valentine’s Day but, also Christmas.

There are certain colours, complementary colours, also known as contrasting colours that go together like salt and vinegar, or the sun and the sea or even bread and butter –aesthetically making that perfect statement.

So, beyond all this complex theory, there are some definite rules that we think will ensure you will create that eye-catching, envelope ripping marketing piece that can’t fail to be noticed.

Our Creative Colour Range of envelopes aim to stand out, ensuring your mailings make a lasting impressions. We’ve teamed up some of our best complimentary tones across the Creative Colour Envelope Spectrum to inspire some truly show stopping mailings.

Pink and Green should never be seen? 

Well, we disagree. Our Shocking Pink and our Lime Green envelopes from the bright collection make quite the pair, perfect for any invitations. Both of these are available in a C5, C4 and DL +

pink and green 

Or what about a tropical combination...

Pair our Caribbean Blue and Pumpkin Orange for your next innovative direct mail piece. Both are available in C6, C5, C4, DL+ and square sizes.

tropical colours

Then finally, something for the pastel fans.

Combine our Summer Violet with Lemon Yellow for a softer look, giving an added touch of romance to wedding invites. Both products available in C5, C4 and DL+


Take a look at our full Creative Colour Range and let your imagination (whether influenced by nature or psychology) take control.