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Conserving Energy With Motion Sensitive LED Warehouse Lighting

Here at Blake we are continually aiming to lessen our impact on the environment around by introducing new and more sustainable practices.

One of our most impactful changes to date has been our investment in the new motion sensitive LED lighting in our warehouses, which we implemented in order to reduce our energy consumption.

In fact, since installing these, we have reduced our electricity usage by over 32%!

Watch our video here and see the lights in action!

Besides resulting in a welcome cut in electricity bills (definitely a plus!), this swap from our previous lighting to the new and more sustainable lights has also been a significantly more environmentally friendly change, meaning that the lights are only kept on for the duration they are needed and no longer. Automatically sensing when a member of our warehouse team enters the area, they turn on for as long as there are persons active there before turning off once more after there has been no motion for a period of over 10 minutes.

These have played a huge part in helping us to reduce and conserve, lessening our environmental impact.

Not only do they ensure that only the areas of the warehouse where our operatives are working are lit, but the Low Energy LED lighting have also meant that when they are lit, the power usage is significantly less than that of the previous fluorescent lights.

During 2020 we will be continuing in this transition to LED lighting with a programme of replacement in all our buildings.

Keep in touch to discover what other sustainable measures we are taking to reduce our environmental impacts!