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Creating the Perfect Gift

Create the perfect gifts to put under the tree this Christmas with our fantastic packaging and envelope range! Make sure those glamorous gifts get the gift wrapping they deserve.

Creative Senses Metallic Bubble Envelopes

These are the perfect option if you are are looking to combine glam with practical. The bubbled padding ensures optimum protection, whilst the glittering array of colours is so eye-catching that wrapping paper is out of the question!

Go Bespoke

Why not create our own bespoke design, so you can really find that special something to capture the fancy of all your loved ones this festive season? We are able to supply almost any type, style, and size of envelope that you will ever want. Our skilled handmade team can now create any size and shape of envelope from (almost) any kind of material, whether printed or unprinted, according to your own specifications.

And now for those big presents...

When it comes to those big gifts, look to our Purely Packaging selection of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Purely one-touch postal boxes

Make it easy for yourself! These convenient boxes are, without a doubt, the easiest postal boxes to assemble! If you really struggle with boxing and wrapping your Christmas gifts, and want a fuss-free option, these really are your dream come true. Extremely user friendly, these are a must have for sending parcels quickly and efficiently. With 11 sizes on offer, you won’t need to worry about there not being a size to fit. Their peel & seal strip ensures secure sealing and the rip strip, tamper evident opening means safe delivery is guaranteed.

Purely Packaging Slim-line Boxes

These boxes are an excellent choice for sending all manner of items. Their compact design allows them to be easily stored, but without compromising on quality. Likewise, they are remarkably quick and easy to assemble. Constructed from sturdy corrugated cardboard, with a double fix peel & seal strip and a rip strip tamper evident opening, they will keep those gifts secure.

UPP Book Wraps

For those awkward, bulky items that you just dont know how to go about, the UPP® range of manilla bookwraps is your answer. They are constructed from high quality corrugated cardboard, with peel & seal sealing and rip strip for security and easy opening. Four convenient sizes sre available.