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Digital Print

Digital Print

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a printing method where a digital image is reproduced directly onto the final media.

The two different types of digital printing are:

  • Inkjet printing - Individual inkjets are clustered together which spray droplets of ink onto the paper to create the image.
  • Laser printing - A toner based printing method which generally consists of polymer pigment being melted and applied straight onto the paper to create the final image.


Eco-Friendly: Although digital printing does utilise ink and chemicals, there are no pre-press procedures, eliminating the need for plates, chemicals and extra material, as it is printed directly onto the material.

Quick Turnaround: Due to the fact that there are no pre-press procedures and plates, the initial setup time is much shorter than with alternative printing methods, making it great for last minute print jobs and changes.

No Initial Setup Costs: Digital print saves a lot of money as there are no additional cost of creating plates, but this is only relevant if you are printing small numbers.

Small Batch Printing: When printing small quantities, the setup cost involved in offset printing may not seem justified, whereas digital printing allows you to print in multiple small batches without the setup costs.

Customization: Digital printing allows for easy customisation of each print unit, for example, changing the name at the start of a letter. This is physically not possible with offset printing, as the plate’s content is imprinted onto the printing material.

Accuracy: With digital printing, it is possible to print samples beforehand to check colour accuracy etc. and make adjustments to ensure you get exactly the result you are looking for. This cannot be done with offset printing because it involves the physical separation of ink and water.


Costly With HIgh Volumes: With high volume printing, digital print can prove more expensive because once set up, the cost per unit is greater than with other types of printing.

Colour Match: This method is not suited to matching Pantone colours exactly as it is a 4 colour process system.

Upkeep Costs: Digital printers can have higher upkeep cost than other types of printers

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