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Direct Mail: The 6 Things Digital Marketers Need To Know

There are a lot of myths around direct mail.

Yes, it can seem more complicated than it really is…personalisation, practicality, the list of complications goes on…

…but is it REALLY that much of a challenge?

The answer is no. If you stop and think, direct mail can be both simple and incredibly effective as a marketing strategy! You just have to do it right.

Here we share the 6 main points you need to know to get the most out of your next direct mail campaign:

1) COST EFFECTIVE: Every Penny Counts

It is commonly assumed that direct mail is a very costly marketing strategy, and therefore not worth the investment. As a matter of fact, it’s a lot cheaper than you might think, and a high quality, visually pleasing piece of direct mail can be designed, printed and delivered to the door with very little cost, not to mention the guarantee of a much higher ROI than an email could ever achieve!

2) MEASURABLE: Keeping Tabs

Many people think that as soon as direct mail leaves your hands on its way to it’s recipient, all ability to track and trace its impact is lost, but we’re here to change that myth! Through the use of phone numbers, unique offer codes and custom URLs, you can tailor your direct mail in any way you want, making it super easy for you to check the reach and effectiveness of your campaign. You won’t be disappointed!

3) TARGETED: Reaching the Right People

Unlike digital marketing, where people are continually being bombarded with information that is irrelevant and of little interest to them, direct mail can be targeted to a very specific audience. Ensure maximum interest and ROI by collecting up to date, accurate data on the relevant customer addresses. And not only that, but other information such as emails and phone numbers should always be collected too if possible, giving you much more scope to communicate with your audience in the way that works best for them.

4) PERSONALISED: Make Them Feel Valued

The saying “One size fits all” it definitely a no no in the world of direct mail. Instead, it is all about going the extra mile to delve deeper into the individual interests of your customers. By personalising your direct mail campaign to each recipient, you are preparing yourself for success – customers will instantly feel valued and understood, and will come back again and again.

5) INTEGRATED: Complementing Other Channels

Direct mail is renowned for its ability to integrate with other channels, furthering them to ensure you get the best out of everything you do. It can even be integrated into CRM (customer relationship management) platforms, allowing your marketing campaigns to be fully automated, just like any digital marketing campaign. This makes it easier than ever for you to carry out an effective marketing campaign that targets exactly the right customers!

6) UNCOMMON: Stand Out From The Crowd

Not many people realise the true value of direct mail, and you should make the most of this mistake – it could be great for your business! If the doormat or letterbox is becoming increasingly empty, there lies a great opportunity for your brand to be seen and heard. Did you know, in a recent survey measuring the response to printed mail compared to email, 57%  respondents said they felt valued when receiving mail, compared to just 17% with email? Take the chance and stand out from the crowd!