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Do You See Packaging as Wasteful and Unnecessary?


You’re not alone.

With the critical state of the environment today, where the volume of waste and pollution has become so colossal that things can go on no longer as they are, it’s not surprising how many people feel this way.  

But the fact is packaging, in itself, is neither wasteful nor unnecessary…

Minimising waste and particularly food waste is a vital and very current global challenge, and it’s actually packaging that is playing a key part in resolving this.


Yes, you heard correctly: packaging reduces waste.

Specifically designed to guard the goods it contains against breakage, spoilage and contamination whilst in transit, storage or distribution, its primary function is to protect and preserve whilst also extending product shelf life in many instances.

Packaging Purposes

We can therefore conclude that packaging is vital in responsibly reducing litter and landfill.

And if you stop and think, it has many other benefits too!

It is invaluable in promoting brands through developing brand identity and differentiation and enhancing product appeal. It educates consumers, providing them with the needed information about a product. And last but definitely not least, it is a highly recyclable material…

If you look into the facts and figures, you’ll discover that packaging has an excellent environmental record.

Two Sides reveals that, just within the UK and Europe, an area of board the size of Greater London is prevented from going to landfill every 4 months from over 80% of packaging being collected for recycling!

Paper based packaging has particularly high recycling rates. On average, UK manufactured corrugated boxes contain 76% recycled fibre and within the EU, more paper-based packaging is recycled than any other packaging material combined, which is most likely what accounts for its popularity - 37% of UK consumers prefer paper-based packaging!

Paper Packaging Recycling Rates

Blake have recently introduced our paper-based eco-friendly packaging range VITA™ to our already expansive selection of enveloping and packaging products; a hugely popular range that provides a perfect alternative to the standard plastic packaging for those who wish to reduce their single-use plastic usage and lessen their environmental impact.


So, despite all these benefits, what is it that makes us see packaging as wasteful and unnecessary?

The issue is us.

There’s a certain throwaway culture that has developed and spread over the years, making us more lazy and careless about our packaging choices and how we dispose of our packaging. And it’s this which is taking its toll on the environment.

Really, it’s up to us to choose wisely and recycle well, and thankfully people are becoming more aware of this. More and more consumers are becoming increasingly careful about how they dispose of their packaging waste, and are opting for more recycled, recyclable and decomposable choices.

Brand Sustainable Choice

And you can do this too.

Our VITA range of products offers the paper alternative to a wide range of the most commonly used plastic packaging solutions - every single option is 100% plastic free and boasts a sustainable paper-based construction! Browse now

So, next time you put the state of pollution and waste in the environment down to packaging being wasteful and unnecessary, stop and think about how YOU are impacting this, and choose wisely.