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Five Advantages of Having Corporate Stationery for Your Business

View of corporate buildings early in the day.

Corporate stationery includes letterheads, pens, notebooks, notepads, business cards, envelopes and compliment slips. These are an integral part of business as they are a way to officialise correspondence and any communication to a client or potential customer. Here at Blake Envelopes, we believe that there are several advantages to having corporate stationery for your business. For advice on how best to design stationery for your company, take a look at our blog Guide to Designing Business Stationery for inspiration.

Consistently Communicates Your Brand

Corporate stationery can be a way to formalise your brand and acts as a visual form of identity. By creating a consistent design concept across your stationery, it can help build a feeling of familiarity between potential clients and the company. By making use of the endless opportunity’s stationery has to represent the brand, the logos and colours chosen for business stationery should eventually become synonymous with the company. Everything should be consistent. The font is an essential element of business stationery that should be the same from the website, to the logo, to the letterheads to the emails. It is this range of consistency that solidifies a company’s presence as not only does it show attention to detail, but it also is recognisable.

Appears Professional and Trustworthy

Concerning the previous point, consistent branding throughout all elements of the business should produce feelings of trust. A printed letterhead that encapsulates the logo, colours and fonts of the company is a way to create a feeling of reputability through officialisation. Over time, clients and potential clients will be used to seeing this and may gain a sense of security in seeing the correspondence. This is the overall relationship a business should want to acquire, according to Jayson Demers, the CEO of Audience Bloom. Demers believes that a successful business is a trusted one because they are ‘more willing to buy from you.’ Trust comes from professionalism, and this should be exercised at every available interaction.

Shows Appreciation of Customers

Attention to details in the smaller, but often overlooked aspects of a company can translate to the customer as a huge sign of appreciation. This can apply to the use of compliment slips and any personalisation when in correspondence to a potential client. It is a clear example that people are of genuine value to the business, and they are not overlooked. Items such as compliment slips, ideally, should not appear budgeted as it needs to look as attentive for real impact.

Can Give Your Company a Sense of Luxury

Business stationery is the opportunity to allow your brand to ooze professionalism and superiority in comparison to the competition. Items of corporate stationery should not be created on low-value materials but instead high-quality paper for an appealing allure. In addition to this, by producing higher quality business stationery, the company’s logo will incidentally be seen recurrently due to the regular use of the durable quality of the paper. As a result, the positive use of the stationery will be reflected in the user's associations with the company.


By investing in high-quality corporate stationery, you are essentially investing in ‘free advertising’. Of course, it costs money to create the stationery, however, wherever it goes, so does the brand. This exemplifies why creating stationery which is produced with reliable materials and designed professionally and accurate to the brand plays an essential role in the presentation of the business.

Here at Blake Envelopes, we are dedicated to providing bespoke stationery options for businesses. Our stunning range of cardboard envelopes are created to ensure all mail arrives to the recipient in perfect condition.