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FSC® Envelopes: Good For Business, Better For The Future

FSC Envelopes

You may not know it, but your envelope says a lot about you.


With any mailing, direct mail campaign, or letter you send out, whether it be the most immaculately designed, eye-catching piece, or just the standard kind of mailing that drops through their letterbox every day, the first thing the recipient will see is envelope you send it in, and it is that which will define their first impression of you.

We all know that first impressions count, so make sure you are creating the right impression with the perfect envelope!

Today, with growing need to support the environment in everything we do, there is an increasing social environmental responsibility on all businesses.

We believe we have just the envelope to ensure those recipients understand from the first glance that you are a business that is acting responsibly and preserving the environment for a better future...

FSC® EnvelopesFSC close up

Our FSC® range offers a unique selection of eco-friendly envelopes that deliver against our increasing social environmental responsibilities. FSC® certification is one of the most recognisable environmental credentials of the day, and these envelopes, crafted from FSC® certified paper, clearly promote the FSC® logo and credentials through the window of the envelope. Everything you need to meet the growing need for sustainable, quality mailing pieces that are "good for business, better for the future".

Spanning 14 products in 6 different sizes, discover the range here.

For more eco-friendly, recycled envelope options, take a look through our Purely Environmental range:

Flora Recycled Envelopes

For that traditional appearance of a recycled envelope. The off-white shade and attractive green opaque will clearly demonstrate your support for the environment.

Nature First Recycled Envelopes

100% recycled and FSC® certified, the bright white shade of our Nature First envelopes make it an obvious choice. This really is a branded recycled envelope range that can hold its head high when it comes to environmental credentials!

Evolve Recycled Envelopes

A name well known in environmental paper circles and for a long time a market leader, our Evolve products are stocked exclusively by Blake across Europe.

Any questions? Get in touch with our sales team here, who will be happy to help!