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Did you know?

According to the Office for National Statistics, September 26th is officially the most popular birthday in the UK. A big Happy Birthday if you are one of the many who are one year older today; if not, join us in celebrating a British treasure: the greeting card!

The Birth of a British classic

Dating back as far as ancient China and ancient Egypt, forms of greeting cards were said to have been exchanged. Fast forward to the 1400’s and individuals in Europe began selling and exchanging handmade greeting cards, including Valentine’s cards. In 1680 the greeting card industry started to take off. The introduction of the Penny Post in the UK made the cost of sending mail a modest 1 penny, opening up personal mailings to the masses. Then, with a further jump forward in time the first Christmas card was published in 1843.

What’s it worth?

Although greeting cards are sent all over the world, the UK has an affinity with sending and displaying cards for all occasions. As specified by the Greeting Card Association (GCA) ‘we buy more cards per person than any other nation’ equating to 33 each year. Staggeringly, the GCS also reported that in 2016 the UK public spent more on greetings cards than ever before – boosting the market value up to £1.75 billion. With everyday cards worth £1.78bn, and nearly 100 million single Christmas cards being sold each year, it’s safe to assume that the greeting card industry is set to remain a key player within the wider stationery market.

Greeting cards form an important part of our culture and tradition in the UK, unequivocally boosting a creative industry of artists, writers, illustrators, photographers and graphic designers alongside manufacturers, packaging and envelope wholesalers.

Is it time to upgrade the greeting card envelopes?

The GCA acknowledge that the UK is ten years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of design. Whilst the cards themselves today come in a range of styles, shapes and designs; do the envelopes match their contents? Or are we accustomed to settling for the default cream or off-white envelopes that accompany the beautiful cards?

With many versatile styles, the envelope can enhance the greeting card. For design-led inspiration head to our Natural Finish range, here you will find outdoor surfaces supremely printed onto envelopes, from Fresh Mown Grass to Natural English Oak these envelopes create atmosphere and intrigue that follows through to the contents. Or swap the plain white and stand out on the doormat with a Creative Colour envelope.

If the UK’s creations are truly leading the greeting cards market, with designs decades ahead of other countries, then why not extend the creativity to the envelope? Whatever the contents for whichever occasion, we have the solution to upgrade and enhance the greeting card envelopes.

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