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Going back to school

Blake to school

Are you getting ready for the new school term?

The school holidays are in full swing and with most employees choosing to take annual leave, many businesses experience a quieter period over the summer months before the manic rush in the lead up to Christmas.

Don’t be fooled by the lull…

There is only one month until the start of the new school term, sorry kids, which means even less time to prep for those back to school campaigns. To combat this rush and help you be more productive this August, we’ve put together a handy go-to guide in anticipation of the busy month ahead. So what are you waiting for? Read on to ensure you have every envelope you need for the new academic year.

Take a look at our high achievers…

The back to school essentials

Looking for a high quality envelope for your office? Our Premium Office range is the go to collection of top quality envelopes perfect for a multitude of communications. In a variety of sealing types and sizes, these envelopes are ideal to use with certificates and professional correspondence.

The stand out performer

Coloured envelopes make an impactful first impression. From Light Coloured envelopes to vibrant Bright Colours, a coloured envelope has a 40 percent higher success rate than a plain manila. Save these for that special occasion mailing or command attention for your prospectuses, brochures and marketing materials. They can even make a great addition to a student’s rucksack, perfect for revision or organising papers.

The all-rounder

Every office requires everyday stationery for a multitude of different purposes. Whether sending Internal Mail or Invitations, you will find what you are looking for in our Purely Everyday range. With an array of possibilities for home, office and school!

Don’t leave it until the night before...

Whilst we know you may be more familiar with the stereotypical ‘leave it till the last minute’ behaviour of your students, being prepared for the back to school rush will leave your business feeling in control and armed, ready to go full steam ahead into the new academic year.

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