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Happy Birthday to our London Hub!

Join us this Week in Celebration of the First Anniversary of our London ‘Hub of Excellence’ at The Postal Museum Headquarters!

Hubs of Excellence

In view of our overall growth strategy, and our focus on expansion across the country, Blake have been opening ‘Hubs of Excellence’ in several strategic locations across the UK. This one being our fourth hub, we also have a number of others situated around the country, including our hubs in Edinburgh, Manchester, and Leeds, as well as London. These are essential in helping us provide experts in the field of envelopes and postal packaging in key locations across the UK.

Inside our London Hub

Our shared values, as well as the same desire to reconnect people with the excitement of postal communication and demonstrate its’ importance in a digital age means that the Postal Museum is the perfect location for our London site for Blake, and we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the first anniversary of our partnership.

The Postal Museum

The postal museum

Visit the Postal Museum and explore the wonderful collection, spanning five centuries of history, ‘covering everything from ground-breaking design and quirky technology to the intimacy of personal letters’. You’ll be able to discover centuries-old secrets in the Archive, go on fascinating guided tours, hear tantalising tales, take a ride on Mail Rail, and unearth the surprising history of the beginnings of the earliest social network. What are you waiting for?

To visit the Postal Museum website, click here