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Improving Our Sustainability With Hybrid Company Cars

A key part of who we are here at Blake is ensuring absolute sustainability in all our practises, whether it be installing energy saving lighting systems or reducing our single-use plastic usage…

With a dedicated team who are passionate about protecting the environment and preserving resources, we’re excited to reveal our latest mission to ensure all our new company cars are either hybrid or electric powered!

Why not watch our new video below for more information on this project:

During the course of this year, we will be adding more of these fully electric cars to our fleet to complement the hybrid vehicles we have already, and will also be fitting EV chargers on the premises to allow the vehicles to be charged whilst our employees are at work.

This is a huge step towards lowering our carbon footprint, and will have countless benefits on the environment. Read on to find out about these in more detail:

Environmentally Friendly

An extremely environmentally friendly choice, one of the main advantages of having a hybrid or electric car is their ability to run much cleaner than any other car on the road.

Massively less dependent on fossil fuels that the conventional car, they have a significantly lower emission rate, meaning that they release much less air pollutants into the environment – something that we are committed to achieving.

Reduced Energy Usage

Hybrid and electric cars have a better gas mileage than the traditional gasoline powered cars. Their twin powered engines hugely cut fuel consumption and conserve energy, making them more eco-friendly and meaning that their fuel costs are a fraction of the normal price.

Their reduction in energy usage is further aided by their light frames and smaller engines.

Also featuring a regenerative braking system, the clever internal mechanism in these cars will gradually recharge your battery every time you apply the brake, capturing the energy released and using it for charge. This eliminates the need to continually stop and recharge the battery of your car and, when this is necessary, significantly reduces the time it takes.


Today, hybrid and electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as people see the importance to become more environmentally responsible.

By switching to these types of cars, you can reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lower your CO2 emissions whilst also conserving fuel.

Blake are proud to be taking this further step to reduce our carbon footprint as part of our aim to lessen our impact on the environment. Not only are we making the choice for the cars we do have to be more environmentally friendly, but we are also focussing on downsizing our company fleet in order to reduce the overall emissions of the company, and have already made a huge impact by lowering this from 29 cars to just 20.

Stay posted to find out all about our other sustainability goals!