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It’s more than what’s inside that counts


Monthly subscription boxes are booming across the UK, in case you are unaware of the latest trend to hit the e-commerce market, here’s a rundown:

Recurring each month shoppers can choose from a wide range of boxes from various brands, including beauty, fashion, and stationery to more unique subscriptions in flowers, coffee, chocolate and spice boxes.

Tapping into hobbies and interests, boxes are available in various sizes and price ranges. Each box can contain a variety of different samples from eclectic product lines, or unique to brand specially created products. Each month products are chosen based on your own individual profile and interests or a monthly theme. For a relatively small cost the recipient feels elated at the delivery of a parcel, like having a birthday every month.

Arriving at your door packaged in a box exclusively designed and uttering the brands message, the box itself becomes a product to admire.

Subscription boxes have taken packaging to a new level, paying attention to how a product arrives at your door, combining protection and style it emphasises that it’s not just what’s inside that counts.

A premium company that exudes quality and finesse with their brand and products is Pantherella. Established in 1937, Pantherella produce fine quality socks for men and women at their family owned factory in Leicester. Priding themselves on the philosophy of “Provenance, Design & Quality”. Offering a variety of premium socks for many occasions, asserting themselves as the maker of the world’s finest socks.

Patharella envelopes

To extend their brand philosophy to their packaging they sought after an upgrade, to find a premium printed envelope that would present their socks, whilst reflecting their brand message, in their subscription box and online orders:

“Each month the recipient will receive a pair of Pantherella men's socks, selected by our senior stylist, along with an explanation of the yarn and the processes that go into making the world's finest socks at Pantherella. The socks will be elegantly packaged in a black envelope and the socks wrapped lovingly in tissue paper”

Blake collaboratively worked with Pantherella to develop a sleek black gusset custom envelope that would fit a pair of socks perfectly. By updating this simple element to their packaging the stylish design is now elevated, with the brand message consistently promoted through the packaging and product.

With online shopping we lose the human interaction we gain through visiting stores. Could choosing packaging and custom envelopes that reflects your brand and service, have the same effect and keep the customer returning, or even subscribing, to more? We think so. Like subscription boxes, e-commerce business need to challenge their current packaging solutions and identify creative alternatives which echo the brand’s ethos, style and philosophy. By using it as a marketing tool to further their brand message, customers can identify with the company and enjoy a lasting impression.