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Move over Hygge, there's a new trend in town


Meet Lagom

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, you’ll undoubtedly have been faced with Hygge (translating from Danish to mean the somewhat abstract concept of ‘cosiness’). Whether it’s in the homeware aisle, the must-buy table of your local bookshop or the wall of many an Instagrammer’s profile, this scented candle and ‘cosy-throw’ embracing trend has had some serious prowess over consumer’s purse strings in the last 12 months.

However, it looks like the much loved Hygge has a new competitor for the ultimate ‘scandi-inspired trend’ title.

Lagom is the latest and easier to pronounce (‘la’ as in ‘bar’ and ‘gom’ as in ‘prom’) Scandinavian lifestyle inspiration. Deriving from the Swedish word, translated it means ‘just the right amount’ and is a universal concept that is inherent to the Nordic way of life.

Lagom is based on a sense of frugality, meeting somewhere in the middle where there’s no room for fuss or pretence.

Similar to Hygge it’s all about seeking a life far less complicated, striving for something simpler and stripped back. Harking back to times where things had to be done slower, where instant communication wasn’t the option and where, actually, it was OK to make a few compromises.

Inspired by the inherent Scandinavian culture of actually thinking of others, it’s about working as a group, not just pushing for your own individual goals and desires.

We’re bombarded in today’s digital age with the latest gadget, gizmo and of course lifestyle trend. Often changing within the blink of an eye, it can be somewhat overwhelming to really get to grips with what is and isn’t ‘in’ (and of course whether you’re actually even bothered).  But Lagom presents something different. Clearly a bit of effort may be required to dig under the surface of the latest themed book, minimalist lampshade or knitted throw. But, if you do try and step back from the bombardment of things to buy, then what it really presents is in essence an antidote to this ‘always on’ ‘always contactable’ culture that we’ve become a part of.

So instead of writing that text, or sending that instant message, why not put pen to paper, pick out a special handmade envelope to match and write something special for someone. As hey, it’s OK if you don’t get that instant response and we’re certain they will value it that bit more.