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Our Top 10 Envelope Facts

  Top 10 Envelope Facts

1. The first paper envelope was invented in China during the second century BC
2. Manilla envelopes are named after the manilla hemp used to make them
3. Window envelopes were originally called “Outlook Envelopes”. Ring any bells?!
4. To know if flat paper will fit in an envelope swap the A for C: A4 fits in C4, A6 fits in C6, and so on…
5. Pocket, wallet or banker? A pocket envelope has the flap on the short side, a wallet and banker have the flap on the long side.
6. Seal the deal: Did you know the 3 most common seals include: Gummed (the classic moisten and stick), Self Seal (press together for instant bond, no liquid involved!) and a Peel and Seal (quick, convenient & secure)
7. Did you know a gusset envelope has extra room? All thanks to its expandable sides.
8. Sending a letter? A standard letter should weigh no more than 100g, be no longer than 24cm, with a 16’5 width and be no thicker than 5mm.
9. Don’t stick a stamp on an envelope upside down (it could be regarded as an act of treason!)
10. Every UK inhabitant will receive at least 34 Blake envelopes each year!