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Packaging research reveals how much first impressions matter


A recent study by OnePoll for label experts Avery Ltd reported in a recent article in OEN Magazine highlighted the need to ensure that any company who sends out parcels to customers gets it right first time.

One-third of the 2000 UK consumers who were questioned said they would leave negative feedback or mention messy packaging in an online review. The study went on to find that 64 percent of people dislike excessive packaging and 20 percent would seek a refund if their package was messy or damaged.

Fiona Mills, Avery UK Marketing Director said, “We have long believed that the appearance and care put into a parcel can have a real impact on the way the recipient feels, with this study we now know how important that is for businesses.”

Positively, the study also found that online retailers can affect a consumer’s perception by ensuring that branding is present and consistent. 25 percent of people said that seeing branding on the packaging made them feel cared about and reassured them that they had bought from a trustworthy seller.

“Taking time to get shipping right and packaged properly can be incredibly worthwhile, sending a message that you care about the recipient, Mills said. “Our study found that close to half of Brits felt confident that if a seller had taken great care over the parcel’s packaging and labelling, the item inside would be good quality.”

Blake specialise in high quality, versatile packaging from one-touch boxes to bespoke packaging made specifically to customers specifications.

Tim Browning, director at Blake said, “We found the reporting of this study of great interest. We know the inherent value in ensuring that any packaging used for consumer facing products is communicating the right first impression; you only get one chance to get it right and we work hard with our customers to ensure they do.”

Source: OEN Magazine and Avery Ltd