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Premium Business: Product Profile

Premium Business

Each month we will be delving into a different product group to help you identify the right envelopes, packaging and paper for your specific needs.

This month we will be exploring our Premium Business range. Comprising of 10 different envelope and paper categories, this range offers the most luxurious envelopes and paper.

What is Premium Business?

Premium Business is a high quality range of envelopes and paper including windowed and non-windowed products. Noticeably different to our other ranges, with an assortment of high quality paper substrates, from traditional laid textures to contemporary ultra-smooth.

What colours are available in the range?

Available in our brightest white envelopes and paper: Ice WhiteDiamond White and Brilliant White, to richer creams: High White LaidOyster WoveCream Wove and Vellum Wove.

What sizes can you buy a Premium Business envelope in?

Envelope sizes include C6, DL, C5, C4 and paper is available in A4 and SRA2.

What can I use Premium Business envelopes and paper for?

These envelopes are perfect for professional correspondence and sending more traditional mailings such as contracts, important letters or CVs and certificates. They are also the ideal option to use when you are looking for a high quality tactile paper or envelope, for instance they are a fantastic choice for wedding invitations or event collateral that requires a touch of luxury and class. Or you could even use Premium Business to send your direct mail campaigns in, certainly one way to stand out from the other envelopes!

With the tactile nature and premium shades, Premium Business ultimately gives your mailings an extra level of personalisation and luxe.

The full range can be found here: Premium Business Envelopes and Paper

If you have any questions contact our expert envelope team on 01935 477555

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