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Product Profile: Creative Colour

Creative Colour Envelopes and Paper

Coloured envelopes can make all the difference to ensuring your mailings deliver maximum impact and a lasting first impression... 

Plus, with a proven 40 percent higher open rate compared to a white envelope, it’s not hard to see why you should choose colour for your next mailing. To help you understand the wonderful array and spectrum of colours we have to brighten up your next direct mail campaigns, this week we are profiling our popular Creative Colour range.

What is the Creative Colour range?

The Creative Colour range features coloured envelopes, paper, metallic bubble envelopes and neon gloss bubble envelopes. With over 400 products available comprising of 120gsm, high quality envelopes and paper along with our new additions of coloured metallic and neon gloss bubble envelopes, it’s fair to say we have one of the largest ranges of coloured paper, envelopes and packaging products out there.

What colours are available in the range?

 Creative Colour Paper


Or a better question would be, what colours aren’t available in the Creative Colour range? Representing light pastel colours we have our light coloured range which includes baby pink, lemon yellow or cotton blue. Through to mid colours featuring flamingo pink, summer violet and spearmint green then adding a touch of vibrancy with our bright colours, for instance lime green, shocking pink and pillar box red. Not forgetting our sophisticated dark coloured envelopes and paper which includes Bordeaux, oxford blue and marmalade orange, to name just a few.

And to complete the look we also have colour matches available in our coloured metallic bubble envelopes, and punchy neon bubble envelope colours if you’re feeling extra vibrant!

What sizes can you buy Creative Colour envelopes in?

Available in pockets and wallets in sizes from C6, DL+, C5 & C4 we also have some colours available in squares, gussets and featuring windows. And in our bubble envelope range we have sizes small enough to fit a CD/DVD going through to larger sizes to send those bigger packages.

What can I use a Creative Colour envelopes and paper for?

coloured paper coil

You can use for anything, from sending a letter to a friend, or creative marketing campaigns. Find the perfect colour match for your branding or use a vibrant colour to brighten your next direct mail campaign. Whilst our envelopes and paper are also ideal for invitations and greetings cards our coloured metallic bubble envelopes can be used for sending gifts, promotional or marketing material or even just to package your products in.

The full range can be found here: Creative Colour Envelopes and Paper

If you have any questions contact our expert envelope team on 01935 477555

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