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Product Profile: Premium Postfast

Premium Postfast products

As we hope you are now aware, each month we are shining the spotlight on our different product ranges, providing you with the necessary information to ensure that the envelopes you use really make the grade.

With Print Week Live just around the corner, this week we thought we would focus on one of our key ‘print friendly lines’; our Premium Postfast range. Whilst this is one of our smaller ranges of products, known to us as ‘The Master of all Envelopes’, this mailing focused collection has been specially crafted to support all corporate and brand mailing communications.

What is Premium Postfast?

Premium Postfast is a range of high quality mailing wallet envelopes, suitable for use on either laser or inkjet printers and compatible with all mailing insert machines. Made from superior paper with specially crafted features including the inside seams and unique throat aperture and flap design, our envelopes have been produced to support larger scale mailings, created to work more efficiently with the related printing and insertion techniques regularly used.

Premium Postfast

What colours are available in the range?

The full range is available in a crisp white shade, leaving you with a blank canvas to add print or personalisation to your mailings as required.

What sizes can you buy a Premium Postfast envelope in?

Envelope sizes include DL, DL+ (114 x 229mm), DL++ (114 x 235mm), C5, C5+ (162 x 235mm),  C5++ (162 x 238mm) and C4

What can I use Premium Postfast Envelopes for?

As the ‘Master of all Mailing Envelopes’, the Premium Postfast range is specifically designed to be used as part of larger scale mailings, required to go through either laser or inkjet printers or standard mailing insert machines. They are the perfect envelope for use in your personalised direct mail and corporate mailings of invoices and statements. 


The full range can be found here: Premium Postfast Envelopes

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