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Product Profile: Premium Secure

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As you are probably now aware, each month we are carrying out a profile on a different product family to help you get to know our full range, whilst making it easier for you to know which is the right choice for you

This week we are turning the spotlight on our Premium Secure collection.

Premium Secure

Besides being a part of our Premium range, which features the highest of the high quality, our Secure family has much to boast, being tear resistant, burst resistant, water impermeable, grease proof and fully overprintable. In addition to these benefits, it has a quick and easy peel & seal strip, inside seams, a 5 year shelf life, powerseal and a security opaque! In other words, it is everything you will ever need toprotect and preserve its' contents, and it is completely unique to Blake!

Holding the impressive claim to being 'one of the strongest envelopes in the world', this is no mere envelope! Its’ tear resistant paper substrate is reinforced with a layer of plastic so you may be sure that even the roughest handling will leave it undamaged.

What olours is this envelope available in?

The whole range is available in a bright, clean white, practical and business-like, as well as being the perfect canvas for any overprinting.

What sizes can you buy a Premium Secure envelope in?

C4 (324x229mm), (229x324mm), (324x229x25mm) and (324×229×50mm), C5 (162x229mm) and (229x162mm), B4 (352x250mm) and (352x250x25mm), 15x10" (381×254×30mm), 16x12" (406×305×50mm), and 394×305mm. Everything to ensure the perfect fit.

What can I use this range for?

This is the ultimate envelope for important and valuable documents, where optimum protection and security is vital.