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Remember Remember the 5th of November…

Be sure to make an explosive impression this November!

Celebration time!

With the renowned 5th of November fast approaching, our thoughts turn to sparkling firework displays, roaring bonfires, and the legendary Guy Fawkes. A right party! But this isn’t the only way to celebrate. Take this chance to vent your enthusiasm and dazzle your customers by renewing your envelope stocks. For something unique and exciting, we would direct you to our Creative Shine Holographic Range.

Creative Shine

Here at Blakes, our Creative Shine Holographic range offers the perfect solution. With a glittering array of silvery, reflective finishes, it is your absolute guarantee to making your brand stand out from the crowd and make that explosive impression on your customers this season. Available in six sumptuous designs, you are sure to find the perfect envelope to float your boat. We would recommend in particular our Firework Blast and Galvanized Steel designs. Their shimmery, lenticular finish will blow you, and your customers, away!

Firework Blast video

View our Creative Shine Holographic range here

Padded Bubble Pocket Holographic envelopes 

As an ultra-secure and protective, padded alternative for bulky or more delicate contents, we also promote our Padded Bubble Pocket Peel and Seal Holographic envelopes from the Metallic Bubble Envelopes selection. These are available in three handy dimensions: the square wallet measuring 165x165mm, or pockets measuring 250x180mm, and 324x230mm