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Seasons Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Product Profile: Purely Everyday

The importance of the written letter

Christmas is that time of year for reconnecting with friends and family. The trend of sending letters hasn’t quite died out, despite the surge in popularity of digital communication, in fact it is a trend that is currently gaining popularity, because it is a known fact that when people put a pen to paper to produce a handwritten message, the recipient feels so very much more valued than they would if they had received a text or email. It is that element of excitement and surprise as you tear open the envelope to find out what is inside, wondering who has put in that extra time and thought to write to you. Why not give your loved ones this experience? Don’t let them down. Make them feel appreciated this Christmas.

Purely Everyday

To encourage letter writing (or card writing) this Christmas, we would like to draw your attention to our Purely Everyday range, which provides you with all the essentials to get those season’s greetings into your loved ones’ hands this winter. Or look to our other range to find the perfect envelope for your note.

Premium Business Envelopes and Paper

For that extra touch of class, our Premium Business range offers the finest quality paper to match their beautiful envelope selection. You can choose from a number of classical, traditional shades, available in either a Laid, Smooth, or a Wove option, including Ice White, Diamond White, Brilliant White, High White, Oyster, Cream, and Vellum. Each providing a statement in classical authenticity.

Creative Senses Handmade

To make the handmade experience complete, enclose that handwritten letter in one of our Creative Senses Handmade envelopes! Made from beautiful quality paper which has been converted to an envelope by manual processes, each envelope is unique. The deckle edge flap and textured paper all adds to the experience, evoking their senses and enhancing that tangible aspect, which they so rarely get nowadays.

Bubble bags

Make sure those season’s greetings put that smile on their faces by finding that extra fantastic envelope. How about our Metallic Bubble envelopes, available in a vast array of fun, cheery colours, to brighten their day? Their eye catching colours and snazzy reflective metallic finish make them truly impressive, whilst the cool bubble effect will keep your precious letters safe and sound.