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The Perils of marketing to ‘Cash Rich, Time Poor Consumers’

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Our always on, always moving, constantly evolving society, bred by the rapid development and supremacy of all things digital is one of key reasons why today’s consumer is regularly referred to as Mr or Mrs ‘Cash Rich but Time Poor’

So how do I grab the attention of a consumer with no time to give?

Any marketer out there will have come across the conundrum of making a mark on that increasingly shortened attention span. Whether it’s the challenge of developing a super snappy, enticing and clickable subject line, producing that eye-catching, ‘likeable’ social post, or simply just keeping them on the phone long enough to convert a sale. Marketing teams the UK wide are all well and truly in the trap of trying to cater to the needs of today’s ever more demanding consumer. 

With diminishing attention spans in mind, a recent feature on IDM explored how little of the consumers precious time is given to reading offline collateral.

Paul Chuter identifies that “Research tells us that the average person reads offline copy at the speed 200-250 wpm”.

Which then begs the question “if your typical sales letter contains around 350 words per page, how much time do you think your target customer will spend reading what you may have taken hours to write?”

If the average reader of offline collateral only spends 4 seconds reading the content you have so painstakingly produced, then maybe there’s an additional element of your direct marketing campaign that’s being overlooked.

That all important, disregarded golden nugget to strengthen your marketing powers…

The envelope is the first piece of collateral that your target audience will interact with, so why not ensure that the limited, precious reading time is utilised in absorbing your key marketing message; removing any time spent ‘skim reading’. 

Blake’s Over Print Services, offer a range of different options from full colour print, to foiling or something simple like the printing of your logo (see our recent post about bespoke envelopes created for Pantherella). The service focuses on creating a quality, premium finish to your postal product, resulting in something personalised, on brand and ultimately powerful enough to captivate your target audience for at least 4 seconds.

To find out more about our Over Print Service, contact one of our dedicated account handlers and see how we can help you win over those time poor, cash rich consumers.

A range of overprinting opportunities await you.