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The Value of Mail

In August 2017 Royal Mail’s MarketReach released a new set of statistics and data relating to The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times

This information enables us to understand the importance of mail, in a professional and personal sense, emphasising the relevance and effectiveness for why you should consider including Direct Mail into your marketing mix.

Here at Blake we are already big advocates of Direct Mail, and where we can, we look to encourage others to see the value of this, not so diminishing, traditional marketing method. With the increase in digital bombardment from email & social media, to the impending GDPR implementation, now, more than ever it’s essential to pay attention to the value of DM.

Take a look below, as we select our top stats from the MarketReach research and help to convince you that DM still very much, has its place. 

dm stat 1

The tactile nature of printed mail enforces its ability to connect directly with customers, entering their own personal environment and breaking a social barrier that ironically, social media cannot obtain. Often, also increasing its level of credibility, with it being something that can not be deleted by the click of a button.

dm stat 2

“Mail possesses an intrinsic ‘trustworthiness".When you consider what you receive through the post most of the time it’s important: think bills, statements and renewals. The way individuals react to mail is with a sense of urgency, relate this to your DM campaign and you could see a higher open rate than email could ever hope to achieve.

dm stat 3

Mail can drive a range of commercially relevent actions, for example, encouraging in-store visits, promotions and reactive purchases. Pair this stat with the fact that 23 percent of mail gets passed around the household and your mail has the power and mobility to make serious impact.

dm stat 4 

 According to MarketReach 57 percent of adults agree that brands should be more careful where they place their advertising. With a carefully designed and creatively branded DM campaign, you can help customers and prospects gain trust, loyalty, brand recognition and more importantly, a great first impression.

dm stat 5

 “While email is seen as quick, mail is seen as more important”. With the constant stream of emails we receive, mail has the ability to grab attention in an instant, why? Because the stats show we trust it and therefore are prepared to listen to it.

dm stat 6

Use DM to strengthen your digital marketing efforts. Both channels evidently have an effect and drive sales in their own unique way, so combining forces seems like a win-win; with 63 percent of consumers claiming they would respond more positively to a social media ad if it appeared in a more traditional channel, DM and social media can work synonymously.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of stats from the latest MarketReach insight, for more information take a look at the full report here Considering your next DM campaign?

Our brilliant Personalisation Team can help unleash your direct mail creativity and develop maximum impact for your next mailings, get in touch!