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Up To Date Data: The Secret to a Successful Mailing

Data Cleansing

If there’s anything to make a great impression on your customers, it’s a visually pleasing and well thought out piece of direct mail.

Giving the ability to use all 6 senses, direct mail makes for a unique and memorable experience every time, and is one of the most successful ways of growing brand recognition and staying at the forefront of consumers’ minds!

Spending time and money on creating the perfect design is always a good idea…

…but if your data isn’t up to date, it will never be seen.

Did you know that for every thousand pieces of mail sent out, an average of 40 never reach the intended recipient and end up being returned?

Don’t let all that effort go down the drain.

By simply taking the time to routinely check your databases, you could save yourself endless amounts of time and money and ensure less of your mail goes to waste. Have their circumstances changed? Do they no longer live at the same address? It’s so important to keep track of these things.

Over time, maintaining accurate data can help you maintain compliance with the GDPR and, with more mail successfully reaching the intended recipient, allowing you to target the right people with the relevant information, it will not only build trust in your brand but boost your ROI too!

Remember: keep those databases up to date.

Happy mailing!