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What makes a winning invitation?

How to guarantee a RSVP

Whether you’re organising an event or thinking of planning one, you most likely have an idea of what you are looking for. You will have decided on a venue, chosen catering, perhaps you have designed a delicious signature cocktail or selected the entertainment. But, most importantly you would have considered who you want to attend your exciting event and how you will let them know about it. Yes you guessed it we are talking about sending out the all-important invitations.

The invitation is the first piece of information a guest will see about your event, it needs to be special, grab attention and transcend the theme of your event. So what ways can you ensure your attendees respond with a positive RSVP? We take a look at how the humble envelope can elevate your event and help it reach capacity.



Making sure you pick the best envelope to translate your event theme is important, equally you want it to uniquely stand out when it falls through the letter box or arrives at their desk. Our Creative Shine Holographic envelopes are a perfect example of making a stylish statement and standing out. These Snazzy envelopes are dynamic and luxurious, igniting excitement and anticipation. A sure fine way to ensure your guests know about your event and want to attend.


red and white envelopes

With so much choice how do you know which envelope to choose? A classic option is to opt for a diamond flap envelope, more commonly known as an Invitation Envelope. The ultimate envelope recognised for holding exciting contents, like cards and notes, can make your invite extra special and authentic.


Metallic envelopes

Convey the theme of your event through your invitation envelope by using different sizes. Make a Statement with a C5 envelope or chose a sophisticated smaller option and go for a C6 size. The different dimensions of our metallic range will support your statement event, whichever size you go for.

When you have put in the hard work and dedication to plan an event, the last thing you want is to fall at the last hurdle and have no guests attend. Be sure to follow our considerations to guarantee your very important customers and clients cordially RSVP and attend your event.