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Why blend in when you can stand out

stand out

Whether it’s making that stand-out presentation at an event, ensuring the outfit you select for an interview is on point, or the design of a book cover – it’s all about elevating yourself from the competition and ensuring that the first impression you can make is a lasting one.

The same can be said, well let’s re-phrase that, should be said, for the envelopes selected for direct mailings (DM). Yet, this is an element often overlooked, regularly the last consideration made.

The growth in online, as we are all very much aware, and massively increasing digital communications has also resulted in customers seeking something more tangible. That basic human desire for physical contact and stimulation remains inherent in consumers psyche, hence the shift to brand’s and big businesses re-evaluating the power direct mail has to play.

So, if this is the first interaction a prospect has with you, their first experience of who you are and what you can offer them – why scrimp on the quality or style of the ‘window’ to a campaign that is inevitably a result of significant investments in time, effort and undoubtedly budget?

Using a stylish and colourful envelope is proven to have a 40 percent higher success rate than a plain looking alternative and our creative ranges are a celebration of colour and texture. Statistics show that stylish coloured envelopes are 9 times more likely to be opened than their blander white or manila equivalents.

With Mail proven to be 32 percent more powerful when it comes to brand recognition and association why not stop and give a little more thought to the first thing your prospect customer may well see…

Whether it’s a bold colour to match your branding, a high quality textured paper for something more luxurious or an entirely bespoke, tailored made solution to elevate the overall campaign message we think the humble envelope needs some careful re-consideration.

Take a look at our creative colour range to help make you stand out.