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Why Packaging is an Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Amazon - Packaging an important part of marketing strategy

First impressions are integral when creating an approachable and trusted company to a new customer, and therefore exterior appearances are everything when it comes to consumer influence. The packaging is included in the overall branding of your business. Packaging is influential on whether someone will invest in your product or not. It is there to be seen and to engage the potential customer into looking at the product more in-depth. The tricky part about packaging is that it needs to create a statement about the product and the business. Ensuring your product is packaged as relevantly and accurately is essential to its success, while being tempting enough to catch the eyes of a browsing customer. Getting packaging incorrect can be a costly mistake and therefore, should be considered with great care. Here at Blake Envelopes, we have selected reasons why a company should be especially attentive when designing packaging and aspects to remember during the design process.

Packaging is the Purest Form of Marketing

What better way to advertise your business other than through the product itself? By creating reputable and intriguing packaging, the display of the product does the work for you. By ensuring your logo is strategically placed, the packaging is the perfect platform to display your brand as clearly and actively as possible and will contribute to the memorability of the company.

It Gives Your Brand Personality

It is the first way to show how your company is different (and hypothetically better) than other companies on the market. Every product out there demands the attention of the consumer to be a success. Therefore, the product must be offered to clients in the most authentic and striking form possible, to stand ahead of other competition. By supplying an audience with a clear perception, the brand develops a noticeable individuality for consumers to absorb.

Colours Have the Power to Persuade

It is widely known that people emotionally respond to different colours. By confirming your packaging has a careful colour selection, it should deliver a statement true to the product and the brand's ethos. It is good to keep packaging confident in colour scheme to ensure its visual imprint for consumers.

Packaging Can Create an Experience

We are all familiar with the idea that when you purchase something new, the experience feels special by the prolonged unveiling of the product when removing the packaging. Many businesses now look to make the experience even more enjoyable by creating games and activities on the packaging itself.

Consider Recyclable Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is one sure-fire way to convince potential consumers to choose your product over another. Creating packaging that can be reused or recycled is essential in today’s environment focussed society. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also spreads a clear message that the brand cares about its impact on the world. For further information on this, take a look at our blog, A Life Without Plastic.

Aspects to Consider When Designing Packaging


First and foremost, packaging is used to protect the product and ensure it reaches the consumer in the most pristine condition possible. This needs to be reflected in the packaging design to avoid any damages to unsold goods before they even make it to the shelf. The products need to be protected from general wear and tear, temperature, dust and dirt, and damage. By preserving the product, you are protecting the reputation of the brand.


The packaging acts as content to describe what is inside. It is the primary way for a consumer to gain information about the product, so clarity is essential. The detail is vital to ensure that people are purchasing the correct product, and they have not been miss-sold any information. This will contribute to the plausibility of the brand and build rapport with consumers. The best descriptions have a clear understanding of what your potential customers require and how the product is a solution to that.


Many products are transferred from factory to retailer and a few journeys in between! By ensuring the packaging is sufficient for regular movement, the final product to the customer should be a easily moveable.

To grab the attention of potential consumers, packaging needs to be well thought out for optimum results. If you feel inspired and would like to ensure all communications are presented in the highest quality for your business, take a look at our selection of Blake envelopes. From padded, to bubble, red to grey envelopes, we have a distinct range of bespoke options for your business.