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Why we still love writing things down


Ah the joy of putting pen to paper. Something so simple, yet so utterly satisfying. But, why do we love it so?

That soothing first step towards achievement.

Writing lists is reassuringly comforting, the meticulous convention that makes us feel in control, making the previously overwhelming task feel slightly more manageable.  In fact, there’s something quite cathartic about compiling a list, the physical action of putting pen to paper and offloading all the information stored in your brain is immensely satisfying.

Yet, aside from the gratification of the act, the humble list is an incredibly useful tool.

Beyond anything else writing things down supports our basic cognitive function, enhancing the chance of remembering something; whether it’s the ingredients for the weekly shop, that essential last minute project at work or, something more creative, the latest idea for a blog piece perhaps? The physical action of the scribble massively enhances the chance of the desired action coming to fruition.
In today’s digital world the act of writing, whether it’s a list or something less prescriptive, seems to have even more significance.

We now strive to have something more tangible and tactile, an escape from the blurry eyed inducing screens.

Sales in stationery particularly decorated notebooks, pens and writing papers are increasingly on the up. You could say, that the paper you write on has equal importance to the words you’re trying to relay. Like a book needs a beautiful cover a list needs its elegant canvas, and our Premium Business range of paper delivers that and more. 

Writing allows us to think big, to stop, take note and really acknowledge the bigger picture.

The very act of just stepping away from the screen and physically recording ones inner thoughts or feelings is endorsed by many of the world’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs. Richard Branson is one of the biggest advocates, regularly discussing the value of taking the time out to write things down – and if it’s good enough for him, we think it is worth a shot.

So, why not try and put pen to paper today and clear some of that mental RAM – if nothing else the joy of striking off even one task should be dividends enough for the effort required constructing it.