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Writing Home


At Blake, we are big advocates of encouraging people to write more letters; whether it’s to use more direct mail in marketing campaigns or writing personal correspondence, we believe this, once depleting, art of writing letters is gaining more popularity than ever before.

Our collaboration with The Postal Museum in London emphasises this admiration to mail in all its forms. Initially opening our latest Hub of Excellence in the museum, see here to view the story, and then, more recently, supporting them in their latest museum exhibition: Writing Home.

Encouraging visitors to take a seat and spare a few minutes to write a letter, The Postal Museum have created a ‘writing home station’ and a seating area equipped with everything you need to send a letter, complete with paper and envelopes donated by Blake. Once finished you can adorn your letter with a stamp from their Post & Go machine and then post it on the way home.

In an attempt to offer an interlude from busy lives The Writing Home area of the museum, enables visitors an opportunity to pause and focus on the act of writing and sending mail, and perhaps enthuse visitors to write more letters in the future.

Whether at home or in The Postal Museum, why not encourage yourself to focus on writing letters and personal mail this 2018?

Visited the Writing Home exhibitions? Share some photos with us of you writing your letters!

To find out more visit The Postal Museum website.